Bright Provisions





Wild Life Bakery
Inspired by Northern California's approach to baking with wild fermentation, along with his lifelong infatuation with great bread, Huw's Wild Life Bakery has quickly become one of Melbourne's best.


Heresy was created to challenge the perception that fast food can't be healthy. Jenna & Adrian see no reason that you need to compromise convenience for great food that is delicious and good for you.


Tulip Restaurant
Graham Jefferies and Matt Dempsey have established a devoted following with their seasonal, produce-driven menu at Tulip. Taking inspiration from Alice Water's esteemed Chez Panisse in Berkely, California.



Altius Coffee Brewers
Altius takes a very 'Melbourne' approach to the classic espresso bars that you may stumble upon in Italy. It's the perfect place to enjoy a quick espresso and some lively conversation before your lunch meeting.


The Kettle Black
Arguably one of Melbourne's most iconic and influencial cafes, Unmistakably one of its most beautiful. The Kettle Black have, very intentionally, elevated every aspect of breakfast and lunch.


Bar Liberty
Bringing with them an incredible pedigree, Banjo, Michael and team at Bar Liberty are serving their customers some exceptional food and wine with nothing less than the most genuine and honest hospitality.


Proud Mary
Since 2009, Nolan Hirte of Proud Mary has been sourcing some of the worlds most exceptional coffees. He has also been a strong advocate for raising coffee prices to pay producers a sustainable remuneration.


We are excited to have the opportunity to do business with likeminded people. If you are interested in serving our Cascara Shrub, we would love to hear from you!