Strawberry Gum Shrub

Strawberry Gum Shrub


Native to north-eastern New South Wales, Eucalyptus Olida is a species of eucalyptus, which is commonly referred to as Strawberry Gum. These leaves have been used as an aromatic spice by Aboriginal Australian communities for thousands of years.

A shrub is a sweetened, vinegar-based syrup,commonly used as a flavourful ingredient inboth cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. Shrubs gained popularity in the United States during the late 18th century when they were used asa way to preserve seasonal fruits.

Inspired by the classic combination of pairing of strawberries with balsamic vinegar. The fragrant strawberry gum brings a unique and distinctive fruity flavour to this shrub.

Our Strawberry Gum Shrub can be imbibed any number of ways. However, to enjoy it in its simplest form, try mixing one part shrub to 8-10 parts soda or mineral water. Pour over ice & garnish with some of your favourite citrus peel.



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