Cascara Shrub

Cascara Shrub


Cascara is the husk or skin of a coffee cherry, produced when the ripe cherries are pulped before the beans are processed. Historically, Cascara has been seen as a byproduct of coffee production, and discarded or mulched. The potential for its use, though, is unlimited. 

A shrub is a sweetened, vinegar-based syrup, commonly used as a flavourful ingredient in both cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. Shrubs gained popularity in 18th century America, when they were used to preserve seasonal fruits and berries. 

This shrub has a beautifully balanced base of apple cider vinegar and whole-cane sugar. The addition of the Cascara creates a delicious stone fruit and citrus complexity.

Our Cascara Shrub can be imbibed any number of ways. However, to enjoy it in its simplest form, try mixing one part Cascara Shrub to 8-10 parts soda or mineral water. Pour over ice & garnish with some of your favourite citrus peel.



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